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December 12, 2012
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Neon Slates by o0Tasker0o Neon Slates by o0Tasker0o
An evolution of my original slates idea (see gallery)

V1.0.3 includes:

- CPU/RAM meter (with system uptime variation)
- Drive meter
- Net meter
- Notepad
- Clock
- Battery meter
- Media Player controls
- Weather meter
- Recycle bin meter
- RSS Reader
- App launcher
- Configurable skin themes
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Hi, the design is very clean and beautiful. But I suggest some changes to make the gadgets more usefull.

1- Drives: More drives and open the Windows Explorer when you click over the driver letter. A little icon to show if the drive is a HD, USB, DVD, Floppy, etc...

2- Network: I think the external and internal IP are essencial.

3- Security control: enable /disable firewall and block or allow all communications

Just think about!!!

You have done a good work until now.
Hi rcnrcnrcn, thanks for the feedback. I've taken a bit of a break recently but I'm starting to feel like I'm in a creative mood again so I may add some more features to this skin soon
So I tweaked your skin some more. I changed the the network meters to show the current upload and download speed in the text, it updates per second so you'll get a better estimate of your network speed. I also changed the UpdateDivider for the RAM to cut back on how often that part of the meter updates. I've never seen anyone's RAM usage go up and down constantly so updating it per second should be good enough. The more updates per millisecond you have the more cpu usage the meter will eat up.
Awesome work. I would love to see you add in some options for those with 4 cores and 8 cores. Also an option for more than just 2 hard drives would be great too. Keep up the great work!
Nice work, love the design, especially the battery meter. Is it possible to add in some launchers, may be even a calendar.
Thanks, I've got a couple more meters to add yet. I think some launchers need throwing in too. do you have any that you'd really like?
I have always found making calendars a little tricky but I might give that a go too
No Problem man, its cool that you are going to add some more meters. May be for the launchers you can check this out [link], you will get an idea.
As I said I really like the battery meter.
Nice job!Are the bar colours changeable?
Would love to see Uptime, weather, and a little applauncher (notepad look-alike).
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